The cooperative movement in Tamilnadu has grown and spread like a banyan tree and taken deep roots since 1904 when the first cooperative societies act was enacted in the country, and is closely linked with the day to day affairs of the people. In order to help the growth of cooperatives and spread the knowledge of its achievements among the people and shape their minds, 20 State Cooperative Unions were established in the country and Tamilnadu Cooperative Union is one among them. Tamilnadu Cooperative Union was started on 4.1.1914. The first President of the Tamilnadu Cooperative Union is Thiru.M.Adhinarayana Ayya.

  • To Develop the Cooperative Movement.

  • To impart Cooperative Education.and Training to cooperators, employees and members of Cooperative Societies and general public.

  • To arrange for meetings, seminars, conferences, discussions etc. in connection with the Cooperative Movement.

  • To carry out publicity works through publishing magazines in English and Tamil.

  • To arrange to print pamphlets, statistical statement, telephone hand book etc., relating to Cooperative Movement.

  • To arrange for imparting training to the office bearers, employees and officers of the Cooperative Societies.
    To assist in the establishment of new cooperative organisations.

  • To act as an Information and Public Relations agency for providing information on Cooperative Movement.

  • To propagate the ideals of Cooperation through short films/slides, video tapes etc.

  • To give wide publicity about the policies, programme and achievements of cooperative movement through posters, stickers, banners and tom tom, etc.

  • To maintain Cooperative Research and Development Fund and Cooperative Education Fund.

  • To arrange for exhibitions depicting the achievements of Cooperative Movement.